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Two Magnet Set: Illuminated Manuscripts

A magnet: the classic souvenir. This set of two magnets feature illuminated miniatures from books in the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Medieval Manuscript Collection (part of the Rare Book Department).


The magnet on the left features the illustration “Death Standing in a Landscape” from an illuminated Book of Hours (circa 1470). This miniature opens the text for the Office of the Dead. A standard text in a Book of Hours, the Office of the Dead reminds the owner of the book of his or her own mortality.


The magnet on the right features the miniature “Newlywed is shown the rewards of reason and the punishments of fraud” from La Voie de Povreté ou de Richesse (The Way of Poverty or of Wealth), composed by the French poet Jacques Bruyant ca. 1342. An allegory of the profits of hard work, the hero, Newlywed, is shown a vision of the Last Judgment in which the blessed are in Heaven and the damned are cast into the mouth of Hell.


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