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Two Magnet Set: Edgar Allan Poe & Grip

A magnet: the classic souvenir. This set of two magnets shows off the Free Library’s world-class Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens collections.


The magnet on the left features the famous daguerreotype portrait of Edgar Allan Poe dubbed the “Ultima Thule.” The portrait was taken in Providence, RI, in 1848 just days after Poe’s failed suicide attempt. It is the most famous portrait of the author. The Free Library’s daguerreotype is one of four extant copies of the original, which has been lost. “Ultima Thule” is taken from a phrase used by the ancient Greek historian Polybius to describe the farthermost regions of the habitable world.


The magnet on the right features Grip, pet raven of Charles Dickens. Used as a character study for Charles Dickens’s Barnaby Rudge, Grip is said to have inspired Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous work, “The Raven.” The Free Library’s Rare Book Department holds the only extant copy of “The Raven” written in Poe’s hand, and is home to one of the finest Poe collections in the world (and also Grip).


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