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Rare Book Department Postcards

Each of these four postcards is $1.00. Choose your postcard(s) from the drop-down menu above.

1. Grip, the Raven, which belonged to Charles Dickens, resides in the Free Library of Philadelphia's Rare Book Department. Grip inspired Edgar Allen Poe to write The Raven.

2. The bequest of William McIntire Elkins, who passed away in 1947, brought his entire library to the Free Library of Philadelphia's Rare Book Department. In this postcard, you'll see a portion of the room. To the right of the main rug is a desk which belonged to Charles Dickens.

3. Knee-High, a wire terrier, reads in front of the Free Library. On the Library's ground floor, Knee-High helps children find the Central Children's Department and a wonderful world of books.

4. This is a daguerrotype portrait of Edgar Allan Poe circle 1849. The Rare Book Department has a Poe collection rich in autograph manuscripts and letters, and includes copies of all of the first editions of Poe's works.


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