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Fraktur Magnets - Reward of Merit and Religious Text

This set of two magnets includes a Reward of Merit and Religious Text.

The Reward of Merit is for Susanna Scheuer. Most fraktur drawings of birds, flowers, and other designs were probably made as rewards of merit. Mennonite schoolteacher Christoper Dock published a pioneering treatise on educations management in 1770 in which he noted rewarding good students with "a flower drawn on paper or a bird." This reward of merit is attrributed to Martin Brechall. 

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania; December 3, 1811

The heavily pooled pigment and the crystalline appearance of this fraktur are typical of artist Samuel Gottschall's work. A Mennonite schoolmaster, Gottschall taught during the 1830s in a Franconia Township, Montgomery County schoolhouse built on land owned by his family. 

Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; 1833

These images are part of the Free Library of Philadelphia's Rare Book Department's extensive Pennsylvania German Fraktur and Manuscripts Collections.




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