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Finger Puppets/Magnets

Create a play with a mix of leaders, authors, musicians, and characters from the Wonderland. Possibilities abound. Each magnetic personality comes with a short bio. Puppets are approximately 4" tall.

1. Alice in Wonderland

2. Louis Armstrong

3. Jane Austen

4. Buddha

5. Charles Dickens

6. Emily Dickinson

7. Frederick Douglass

8. Benjamin Franklin

9. Ernest Hemingway

10. Zora Neale Hurston

11. Mad Hatter

12. Nelson Mandela

13. Marilyn Monroe

14. Dorothy Parker

15. Rosa Parks

16. Edgar Allan Poe

17. Queen of Hearts

18. Betsy Ross

19. William Shakespeare

20. Sojourner Truth

21. Harriet Tubman

22. Kurt Vonnegut



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