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Rudolph Tesnohlidek, Illustrated by Maurice Sendak | The Cunning Little Vixen

Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Hard cover with dust jacket. Translation copyright (c) 1985  by Tatiana Firkusny, Maritza Morgan & Robert T. Jones. Picture copyright (c) 1985 by Maurice Sendak. Color illustrations.

Follow the adventures of Sharp-Ears, the enchanting heroine of Rudolf Tesnohlidek's classic Czech novel The Cunning Little Vixen. Deftly poised between poetry and farce, The Cunning Little Vixen focus on two characters, the forester Bartos, a man coming to grips with nature, and Vixen Sharp-Ears, an innocent who abandons innocence in order to survive. The book is 165 pages with an afterword by Robert T. Jones.

Rudolf Tesnohlidek, a journalist in the Moravian city of Brno, wrote The Cunning Little Vixen as a newspaper serial, fitting it to student sketches by the artist Sanislav Lolek.


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